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Efficiently Remediate Soils

Pure Environmental is utilizing a proprietary technology to rapidly and efficiently remediate soils impacted with hydrocarbons and chlorides. This non-intrusive and environmentally friendly technology has been commercially proven to remediate everything from well sites, pipeline and other spills, to legacy contaminated sites.  Pure will deliver significant cost savings and reduce the environmental footprint of your remediation projects.

Our team has decades of remediation experience working on various types of soils.

Our team at Pure Environmental has decades of remediation experience working on various types of soils and contaminants, both in-situ and ex-situ,bringing technical and project execution expertise to solving complex remediation challenges. Our purpose, supported by our values, forms the foundation on which we build our organization and why we are in the business of providing responsible environmental services.


What is Catawater® ?

Catawater® HHO is the next-generation in biocatalyst technologies. It contains a proprietary blend of enzymes that work with existing aerobic microorganisms to materially accelerate reaction rates in natural processes. Catawater® effectively alters the structures of elemental components and contains no harmful chemicals. It is non-toxic to plants and in fact promotes growth, has no impact on fish and wildlife and is environmentally safe for air, water and soil.

Pure is taking a disciplined scientific approach to introducing this technology to the Canadian market for remediation of salt and hydrocarbon impacted soils.

We are now booking projects and would be pleased to provide a proposal to take on your remediation projects and help you significantly reduce your remediation costs and liabilities. Please contact Vicki Manzo at vmanzo@pureenviro.eco for more information.